Homeschooling is more than just an educational choice; it is a lifestyle choice. The following questions may help you decide if homeschooling is right for you.

  1. Why are you considering homeschooling? Take some time to write out what you hope to achieve by homeschooling your children.

  2. How long are you planning to homeschool? If this is a short-term option for you, you will need to take time to investigate what your student will need to re-enter school later. 

  3. What educational philosophy do you wish to embrace for your homeschool? Taking time to research some of the different educational philosophies (unschooling, classical, Montessori, unit studies, etc.) can help guide you as you choose a curriculum that is more suited to your teaching style and your children's needs. 

  4. Who will be responsible for planning, teaching, grading, etc.? These responsibilities include: legally registering to homeschool in your state and providing all reports, and documentation required annually; choosing or developing curriculum to cover the subjects or topics for each or all children; being the main teacher, mentor, proctor, etc. for each course; providing a timeline for completion of coursework; and reporting on student progress as needed. 

  5. What are my children's learning styles: visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and how do I take them into consideration when homeschooling? There are many books and websites designed to help families specifically with this question.

  6. What resources do we need to be successful in our homeschooling? Depending on where you live, there may be many options to help support your homeschooling. 


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